This survey is to determine the labor rate in the Metro Houston market by an independent third party. No Shop Names will be published when the results are released.

Shop identities will not be published with the results of this survey and will remain confidential. Names are only needed to track demographics and ensure that only one survey is cast per repair facility location.

No participant shall be allowed to discuss any subject relating to prices charged, discounts offered of any nature, or hourly rate with other participants. To do so is a violation of Federal Antitrust Laws (Title 15 of the United States Code).

1.  What is your posted hourly rate for the following:
1a.  Body Labor? *
1b.  Frame Labor? *
1c.  Paint Labor? *
1d.  Paint Materials? *
1e.  Mechanical Labor? *
1f.  Aluminum Labor? *
2.  What mark-up percentage does your shop charge for LKQ parts? *
3.  Do you charge an administration fee on non-repaired vechicles?
3a.  If yes, how much? *
4.  Are you independently owned, part of a dealership or part of a MSO?
5.  Does your shop participate in I-CAR, ASE traning or any other continuing education?
5a.  Which one?
6.  What are the gross annual sales of your shop?
7.  Your Business Name?
8.  Your Name?
9.  Your Title?
10.  If you'd like a summary of results, you can provide your email (optional)
* Marked fields must be numeric